István Hornyák
Costume designer

He is member of the crew since the year 2000, as stylist, responsible for the outfits and for design. He worked for almost every representant of the hungarian pop-business. Just a few exemples:
Groove House, Adrienn Szekeres,Hip hop Boys, Emilia, Márk, Anti Fitness Club, Gáspár Laci, Ákos Dombrády, etc...A few exemples of the international performers:Emilia,Inessa, Ambr Moustafa

Costume designer works:
- BM Duna dance ensemble
- Pandoró dance ensemble
- LA Dance Company
- Budapest dance ensemble
- Hungarian National Opera House
- Petőfi Theatre of Tatabánya

Designing and creating exhibition pavilon is several international exhibitions:
- Hunfarian Days in Warsaw
- Brussels: Luxury and Elegance Exibitions
- Madrid Fashion Show
- Hungarian days in Moscow
- Moscow-Expo
- The Dubai cloth and textile exhibition

Working as a designer is not only his only occupation.
He is the creative director of the hungarian Health Television.

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