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"Thousand faces of beauty" 2006 Alphasonic partner-days 2010 Alphasonic partner-days 2011 Alphasonic partner-days 2012

Alphasonic promotions since 2007 Alphasonic calendar 2013 by Balla Vivienne Apacer Aqua promotions
Aten Appra Hungary Gala Axis event 2015 Axis event 2016
Andi Bencsik Fashion Show 2011 Blikk's beauty 2007 Bitpont presentation series I BNI
Cisco Soccer Cup 2011 I Cisco Soccer Cup 2011 II Cisco Soccer Cup 2012 I Cisco Soccer Cup 2012 II
Cisco Soccer Cup 2013 Cisco Soccer Cup 2014 Cisco Soccer Cup 2015 Cisco Partner Expo 2013
Cisco Expo 2009 Cisco Mobile Sailing 2010 Cisco Mobile Sailing 2011 Cisco Mobile Sailing 2012
Cisco Mobile Sailing 2013 Cisco Summer Night Party 2009 Cisco Summer Night Party 2010 Cisco Summer Night Party 2012
Cisco Summer Night Party 2013 Cisco Summer Night Party 2014 Cisco Summer Night Party 2015 Cisco Santagirls
Compro promotions Conteg promotions and training CyberPower promotion Duna Plaza Fashion Show 2006
EATON E.ON ECEBE 2012 Elle Fashion Show 2013
HP Event 2014 Gembird promotion Icon7 ICT 2013
JPress promotion 2017 Kempinski Hotel Linksys promotion Hungarian Academy of Sciences 2011
Nespresso 2011 Wine Festival 2012 Women's magazines I Women's magazines II
Wholesaler conference 2014 Wholesaler conference 2017 Wholesaler conference 2018 Playmate gala 2005
Plustek promotion Port promotion Publications PHOTOEXPO 2012
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Security Expo 2012 Security Expo 2013 SysAdminDay 2012 SysAdminDay 2013

S&T Sweex Shell Soccer cup 2016_I

Soccer cup 2016_II Soccer cup 2017 SŁel Trendnet promotion

Conscious Entrepreneurs Conference 2014 V. National Wholesale and Production Conference Wedding dress shooting photography 2016 werk photos

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